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San Diego Yacht And Boat Show Prototype

Another Daylight Websites design

We are having fun with a new client here in Maryland. Easton-based Ad Strategies specializes in organizing and promoting trade shows – in particular, Boat and Car Shows.

Daylight Websites were commissioned to build a new-look web site for an upcoming boat show in San Diego. The fun part for us was that there was no specific design guideline, just content.

We created several designs, but one was a clear favorite and we submitted it first.  The other prototypes were never viewed!

Check back for details of when this site goes live, meanwhile here is a link to the development version:

San Diego Yacht & Boat Show Prototype

For the techies, this was developed using WordPress v3.1.2, and a number of custom components. The majority of the work was customizing CSS. The basic design was completed in 3 hours.

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WordPress, bbPress, BuddyPress, and now: FoodPress

A Daylight Websites Post in WordPress, by Tim Twinam
WordPress moves into the Food Industry

De tal palo, tal astilla.

It is a natural progression. Indeed, one could almost call it organic. First, WordPress, the most popular CMS on the planet, outsmarts the traditional Content Management System affectionados by removing the mystique, minimizing the jargon and maximizing the SEO impact. And now it offers you breakfast.

Daylight Websites was founded one morning over a cup or three of fresh ground coffee in late 2009. C. Jane Taylor and I had served a four year tenure in the traditional web design industry. Jane is an accomplished SEO Tactician and Copywriter and I have been writing code since the days of punched cards (anyone remember Hollerith Code?).

We realized that a new SEO-tuned website could be created in just a morning using the WordPress capability of installing, thematically designing and functionally customizing – in sometimes just a few mouseclicks. When we stirred-in the uniquely powerful ability of WordPress to literally call the search engine spiders to every new posting, we realized we had a recipe worth attempting.

Our first public tasting of the concept resulted in that stunningly motivational sound of a check being torn out of a check-book – before the sales meeting was even over! We had our first client. A short while later, their first Google Analytics report showed an astonishing 700% increase in traffic!

A memorable meal in the Bahamas

Modern web design and development is perhaps not such a far cry from the kitchen after all

As with any new idea, there were lessons to be learned. Using a theme is not always the easiest route if the proposed design is non-traditional. Fortunately, certain WordPress themes are highly customizable: the default Twenty Ten allows you to change header, menus and sidebar content; Arjuna and Atahualpa offer far greater flexibility but demand a higher level of technical ability; the increasingly popular Thematic requires the use of child-themes; the list goes on …

Our favorite quickly became Suffusion. This free WordPress theme allows Daylight Websites to quickly produce customized websites by manipulating the settings in its comprehensive setup pages.

We’ll share some more of our discoveries in the weeks ahead, but for now its time for breakfast, several clients are waiting and FoodPress is tempting us with an array of early-morning treats.

In this series, Tim Twinam will continue to explore the history and culture of the Internet and the impact of modern day tools such as WordPress. Subscribe to his WordPress Series by email.

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Why does it cost so much to create a website?

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We all agree on one thing – to be an effective business today, you need a web presence. More importantly, you need an effective web presence – one that ranks you in the all-important search engines and attracts the traffic and the customers that your business needs.

The language of the web should not be your problem!

A $nippet of Java$cript

The route to cost-saving is to decrease the level of reliance on expensive professional web developer time and take over the task of managing the website content yourself. This is accomplished by using an Internet Content Management System, commonly referred to as a CMS.

It’s a tough call as there are literally hundreds of CMS products out there. Wikipedia has a page that lists only the ‘notable’ contenders. Even the official Wikipedia definitions don’t help much either: “Content Management Systems are used to organize and facilitate collaborative content creation…”

We’ll try to explain the concept: imagine a website where there are literally ‘small holes’ where you can invisibly enter or alter or add material at will. Rather than call your web guru to change a word or add a photo (at accompanying vast cost), you simply log into your website via any internet connection and make the change yourself – instantly.

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The Rooster crows!

What people are saying about Daylight Websites:

"You single-handed raised the bar for us!" - Alastair Gracie, Adstrategies Inc

"Whew! It looks awesome - let's launch
this damn thing! ;-)"
- Keri Piatek Crafts, Place Creative

"You and Tim were always so easy to work with and being comfortable with both of you made it so much easier for me to ask the "stupid" questions without being intimidated by your superior technological know-how...." - Vicki Wilson, Hoisington Realty

"Damn you guys are good. I don’t know what Bud will think – and it’s really none of my business. But from an integration standpoint, this is just nuts. Well done, sir."
- Dustin Moore

"Awesome!" - Bud

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