What do SEO and Dr. Seuss have in common? The Cat in the Hat of course

A Daylight Websites Post in SEO, by C. Jane Taylor
Dr Seuss the Cat in the Hat

Dr. Seuss, the first SEO guru; The Cat in the Hat, the first optimized article...

According to urban legend (and my friend Steve Crafts at Place Creative), Dr. Seuss wrote the Cat in the Hat in response to a challenge. The challenge is essentially the same challenge we face in SEO everyday: take a list of very specific words and write something appealing.

Dr. Seuss was given a list of words, most of them monosyllabic, that children of a specific age would be learning in school. The challenge was to write something wonderful using those key words.

As an internet marketer, I am not often given a list, I have to create one based on the target audience, popular usage and the fierceness of online competition. This list shapes the foundation of the content I write on sites and in blogs.

The content has to be attractive to both search engines and people. In other words, it has to be optimized without being clunky.

Today you are you, that is truer than true.
Your keywords should reflect all that you do.
Search engines like it, oh yes they do.
The right keywords will bring good traffic to you…

Apologies to the good doctor!

The Rooster crows!

What people are saying about Daylight Websites:

"You single-handed raised the bar for us!" - Alastair Gracie, Adstrategies Inc

"Whew! It looks awesome - let's launch
this damn thing! ;-)"
- Keri Piatek Crafts, Place Creative

"You and Tim were always so easy to work with and being comfortable with both of you made it so much easier for me to ask the "stupid" questions without being intimidated by your superior technological know-how...." - Vicki Wilson, Hoisington Realty

"Damn you guys are good. I don’t know what Bud will think – and it’s really none of my business. But from an integration standpoint, this is just nuts. Well done, sir."
- Dustin Moore

"Awesome!" - Bud

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