Behaving online – it’s not just about good manners

A Daylight Websites Post in Social Media, by C. Jane Taylor

There have been all kinds of articles about kids and the Internet. Kids are warned about online predators, teens “unlike” their parents on FaceBook, psychologists study the effects of Social Media addiction.

But the news currently is all about the fact that Facebook and other social media have become the latest venue for bullying. Remember the “Urgency of Now” during the Obama campaign? Cyberbullying presents a similar poignant urgency online.

Bullying has become as popular today as bell-bottoms were when we were growing up. And cyberbullying, with the real-time power of social media and the Internet, packs an even bigger punch. It’s not just the “Susie is ugly” posts on Facebook that cause irreparable damage. I’ve seen businesses spend thousands on reputation management. It gets worse…

The recent news about Tyler Clementi brings us to a heightened urgency. Clementi was a Rutgers student who was outed on YoutTube, and subsequently jumped off the George Washington Bridge to his death.

Life online is in the moment. We must live it more responsibly and with care for those around us. It’s not just a matter of good manners, people’s lives are at stake. My grandfather used to say “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” His advice is as good now as it was then.

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Aloha Camp, Empowering Young Women, Inspiring Online MarketersHubspot came through again as I was wrapping up a great project with a wonderful client: The Aloha Foundation.

Hubspot is an online marketing company whose blog empowers readers to take online matters into their own hands. The Aloha Foundation is the parent organization of several Vermont summer camps. One of their camps is all about empowering teen-aged girls to become to women they want to be.

Here’s the quote from Hubspot that made the connection for me: Create content that stands for something: ‘Higher purpose content marketing.’ This was in a blog post entitled “60 Proven Ways to Increase Your Online Marketing Influence“.  The project with Aloha allowed me to dive into two of my favorite causes: empowering clients and more importantly empowering young women…Well, I’m not empowering young women directly, but I did help Aloha’s Communications & Alumni Relations Manager make some changes that will bring more girls to the site and to the camp.

Aloha has made great use of Facebook. Like them and let them inspire you. Hubspot publishes the best daily marketing blog. Subscribe and let them inspire you.

I’ll leave you with a quote from Hubspot that seems to have been written for Aloha: Make people around you more successful than you are, and share stories from the heart.

Dontcha just love synchronicity?

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We don't need no stinkin' badges

Blog training? We don't need no stinkin' blog training... thank you, Mel Brooks.

Daylight recently converted a client “blog” to WordPress. We brought forward more than 300 posts, spanning more than 3 years of social networking online. The client, whose name has been changed to protect the innocent, has been blogging since Al Gore invented the internet.

The client has gained an excellent reputation based on the juicy, insightful content of his posts. But check out some of his post titles:

“Hang in there everyone, improvements are coming!”
“Possible new development?”
“Quick run out and grab the latest newspaper!”

This blogger has his finger on the pulse of a major American metropolitan city. He is smart and funny and a good writer. But without proper blog optimization, only those who already know him will ever read him.

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Men are from Mars; Women are from Facebook?

A Daylight Websites Post in Facebook, by C. Jane Taylor

Hubspot gives us the skinny on the pink and the blue on Facebook

Hubspot, my favorite internet marketing blog just published some great Infographics. On average, men and women have the same number of friends on Facebook: 130. But women have 55% more comments on their walls!

If women are an important part of your audience, you need to engage with them where they are already engaged: Facebook.

Facebook has evolved to address adults and businesses. It used to be the place I learned about my son’s ex-girlfriend’s guitar lessons. Now it’s the place I enjoy my colleagues marketing brainstorms and my yoga teacher’s new videos.

Is your blog posting to your Facebook business page?

Anyone over 40 will tell you that Facebook is the new party line and the telephone can be used as a weapon.  This morning The Writers Almanac was the first. By the way if you know what a party line is and you don’t have a Facebook page for your business, please hang up and dial again.

the telephone is not a weapon

Ok, so that's a telephone, but what is that crazy thing in the background?

Unlike the party lines of days gone by, you can prevent unwanted listeners on Facebook. And do it soon because at the latest FB conference, founder and CEO “Mark Zuckerberg announced that the company was removing restrictions on user data retention within Facebook applications“.

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