Three things the Old Spice Man can teach you about Social Media

A Daylight Websites Post in Social Media, by C. Jane Taylor
The Old Spice Man

The Old Spice Man advises the president, why not your online campaign?

Can an ridiculously handsome, great smelling manly man dressed in only a towel carry your online presence to new heights on his back as he ascends Mount Olympus in his bare feet while being chased by rabid Snow Leopards during a lunar eclipse? Of course he can!

Bring some fun to your brandRecently the Old Spice Man answered every tweet he received in a single a day. The campaign was brilliant, personal, funny and instantly viral. It revitalized an age-old brand with humor targeted to a lady-scented-body-wash-smelling audience.

Here’s the Old Spice take away for your business online:

1. Embrace your audience where they live. Your audience may not be teen and twenty-something young men seeking adventure or even towel-clad gentlemen seeking the meaningful relationships that result from the use of better smelling aftershave products. But you know your audience. Find it online and engage it there.

2. Embrace Social Media – Even if your audience is older and perhaps already incredibly manly smelling, your audience uses Social Media in some form. Facebook is no longer the realm of pimply youngsters; blogs are no longer the secret soap boxes of lady-scented, excessively literate college students and journalists in their odiferous eau-de-toilets. Social Media is an essential element of the online marketplace. The Old Spice marketing team recognizes this.  You should, too.

3. Engage your audience appropriately – Social media is your chance to engage your audience in a casual, friendly and appropriate way. Meet your audience on its own terms. Make your content interesting enough or outrageous enough that your visitors are going to want to share it with their friends (make it easy for them to do so). Old Spice used humor strategically to attract a new generation to an old brand. Grandsons are now using the same cologne their grandfathers once used and everyone smells better online.

Do you like the smell of adventure? Use social media appropriately and you can swan dive into the best brand recognition you have ever known.

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