Anyone over 40 will tell you that Facebook is the new party line and the telephone can be used as a weapon.  This morning The Writers Almanac was the first. By the way if you know what a party line is and you don’t have a Facebook page for your business, please hang up and dial again.

the telephone is not a weapon

Ok, so that's a telephone, but what is that crazy thing in the background?

Unlike the party lines of days gone by, you can prevent unwanted listeners on Facebook. And do it soon because at the latest FB conference, founder and CEO “Mark Zuckerberg announced that the company was removing restrictions on user data retention within Facebook applications“.

There has never been a better time to eliminate all the little farm animals your sister-in-law sends you and the imaginary pints of beer your people send you from the old country.

It’s easy (and your sister-in-law does not have to know):

>Click on Accounts
>Application Settings
>Show Authorized
>X marks the spot

Lilly Tomlin

"Is the party to whom I am speaking?"

And here’s a little poem you might enjoy in your new found Facebook freedom:

The Telephone by Louis Jenkins

In the old days telephones were made of
rhinoceros tusk and were big and heavy enough
to be used to fight off an intruder. The telephone
had a special place in the front hallway, a shrine
built into the wall, a niche previously occupied
by the blessed virgin, and when the phone
rang it was serious business. “Hello.” “One if
by land and two if by sea.” “What?” “Unto you
a child is born.” “What?” “What did he say?”
“Something about the Chalmers’ barn.”

The voice was carried by a single strand of bare wire
running from coast to coast, wrapped around a
Coke bottle stuck on a tree branch, dipping low
over the swamp, it was the party line, all your
neighbors in a row, out one ear and in another.
“We have a bad connection, I’m having trouble
understanding you.”

Nowadays telephones are made of recycled
plastic bags and have multiplied to the point
where they have become a major nuisance.
The point might ring at you from anywhere, the
car, the bathroom, under the couch cushions…
Everyone hates the telephone. No one uses the
telephone anymore so telephones, out of habit
or boredom or loneliness perhaps, call one
another. “Please leave a message at the tone.”
“I’m sorry, this is a courtesy call. We’ll call back at
a more convenient time. There is no message.”

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