Email Hosting

Daylight Websites does not host email. For those clients who desire a new or upgraded email hosting provider, we highly recommend the use of the free Google Apps Small Business service. Google Apps is a free service and can have up to 50 email accounts. Further details can be found by contacting Daylight Websites or on Google at

Daylight Websites will undertake the setup of Google Apps Email Hosting for you and your organization. This service can be achieved at two levels:

Basic Setup – 1 hour at $75/hour ($75)

  • Up to 10 Email Accounts
  • Forwarding and Account Administration details
  • DNS switching information
  • Documentation of Google Apps and suggested tutorial information

Consultative Installation – upon request

  • Analysis of existing email installation
  • Assistance with transfer of existing email archives to Google Apps
  • Set up of Alias domains and/or personal alias
  • Forwarding strategies
  • Usage considerations (i.e. bulk email techniques)
  • Mobile device linkage and email client set-up
  • One-on-one Google Apps Administration Training
  • Assist with DNS switching, test and live schedule
  • Assist with other Google Apps features such as Calendar, Documents and site integration

The Rooster crows!

What people are saying about Daylight Websites:

"You single-handed raised the bar for us!" - Alastair Gracie, Adstrategies Inc

"Whew! It looks awesome - let's launch
this damn thing! ;-)"
- Keri Piatek Crafts, Place Creative

"You and Tim were always so easy to work with and being comfortable with both of you made it so much easier for me to ask the "stupid" questions without being intimidated by your superior technological know-how...." - Vicki Wilson, Hoisington Realty

"Damn you guys are good. I don’t know what Bud will think – and it’s really none of my business. But from an integration standpoint, this is just nuts. Well done, sir."
- Dustin Moore

"Awesome!" - Bud

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