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They say that a successful blogger should be controversial. This heading should upset one or two.

When training a Daylight Websites client, one of the most frequent debates is about the necessity of blogging. Our conversations from the very beginning underscore the importance of blogging. It is the reason we use WordPress, it is the essence of what Daylight Websites stands for and the range of services we offer.

At the core of this lies the unique ability of WordPress to automatically summon the search engines. the moment you publish something in WordPress, the software not only places your formatted contribution on your website, it also ‘pings‘ all the major search engines to let them know you have published. They come immediately – normally arriving within a few minutes.

The effect of this is dramatic. The updated Google search engine indexing formula is called ‘Caffeine‘ and it is well-named. Almost miraculously, your latest post will appear in Google under the keywords you chose for your all-important Title. WordPress allows you to dictate the URL layout as well, so you are able to control the two most significant components of a search engine result – the Title and the Link.

Why is this important? Because it brings traffic. Organic traffic. This is new traffic from the billions of people out there searching for everything under the sun – including your products and services. The freshness of your post will ensure that it is up there in the latest results and that will attract interest, clicks and visitors.

But you have other things to do. You have a business to run. That is why Daylight Websites offers a unique service that itself is listed at #1 on Google! Blogging by Proxy is our way of putting your money where our mouth is: we blog on your behalf.

It makes perfect sense. To make the most of the power of WordPress and the search engines, there is a set of rules. These rules involve the careful use of the key words and phrases that define your products and services. We are expert in the use of these techniques and apply them to a weekly blog post that is designed carefully to attract interest in one or more aspects of your specific niche market.

So go run your business. Go do what you are good at … we will keep the home-fires burning on your blog. One log at a time.

2 Responses to “Of course you don’t have to blog! You have better things to do”

  1. joe gilgan says:

    Jane – quick question for you – Do you ‘capture’ visitiors by other means than this “leave a reply?

  2. C. Jane Taylor says:

    Hi, Joe! Tim captures them with his scintillating wit and once they’ve heard the dulcet tones of his mellifluous, accented voice, they follow him, pied-piper style to eternal WordPress bliss…and we use the contact form 😉

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