Daylight Websites signs with Real Estate giant a la mode as new Reseller

Daylight Websites takes a strategic position in New England and the Eastern US.

Monday, June 7th, 2010

Last week Daylight Websites signed a Reseller Agreement with Oklahoma-based a la mode, one of the real estate industry’s largest mission-critical technology companies. Although Daylight Websites founders Tim Twinam and C. Jane Taylor have specialized in building and supporting real estate websites during the past four years, the a la mode Agreement is not specifically aimed at enabling them to continue this process. Instead the focus of the agreement is blog integration, optimization and blog coaching.

We are perfectly capable of building state-of-the-art websites with the a la mode tools,” stated Twinam, Daylight Websites co-founder. “Compared to the sometimes tens of thousands of dollars a real estate site can cost, the a la mode technology gives broad and often better functionality for less than $500 per year. It’s true value for money and its not surprising that they they have thousands of clients!

The WordPress engine lays at the heart of Daylight WebsitesC. Jane Taylor, also a Daylight Websites co-founder, explained the the significance of the agreement between the two companies. “We specialize in blog technology and leverage the search engine magnetism that environments such as WordPress offer. We are skilled in researching and integrating specific keywords to assist the site indexing process. a la mode recognizes the advantages of our technology niche and wants to make it available to their huge client base.

Daylight Websites recently completed a proof-of-concept project with a la mode where Daylight Websites converted an existing a la mode website to full blog functionality while precisely matching the existing a la mode design. The speed and success of the conversion impressed a la mode Vice President of Sales, Dustin Moore who stated: “Damn you guys are good … from an integration standpoint, this is just nuts.

Based on the success of the project, a la mode invited Daylight Websites to become an approved contractor. Daylight Websites signed the Reseller Agreement on June 1st, 2010. As the screen shot indicates, Daylight Websites is ideally poised to offer its services along the full length of the eastern seaboard, including their own New England territory.

For more information about Daylight Websites, visit or call 802-338-8998.

For more information about a la mode, visit or call 1-800-252-6633.


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Daylight Websites Press Contacts:

C. Jane Taylor, SEO Strategy and Design
Telephone: 802-825-1081

Tim Twinam, Web Development and Integration
Telephone: 802-338-8998

a la mode Press Contacts:

Kara Calderon, Product Marketing Manager, a la mode, inc.
Telephone: 800-252-6633, ext. 309

About Daylight Websites

Burlington VT-based Daylight Websites offers new site design and development, existing site conversions and the creation of additional blog capability that matches an existing design. Their services include Training, Support and ‘Blogging by Proxy’. Daylight Websites uses ethical pricing to ensure that the cost of website ownership and Search Engine Ranking is no longer prohibitive.

To learn more, visit  Daylight Websites.

About a la mode

Founded in 1985, a la mode develops desktop tools, mobile tools, and websites for real estate professionals, mortgage brokers, and appraisers. a la mode’s flagship product, WinTOTAL form-filling software for appraisers leads the residential appraisal industry. a la mode’s Mercury Network, a vendor management platform for lenders, provides the most experienced local appraisers in an HVCC-compliant, easy-to-use loan ordering and management application. a la mode’s mission-critical products are used by hundreds of thousands of appraisers, agents, inspectors, and lending professionals to complete the nation’s real estate transactions. The company’s state-of-the-art offices are located in Salt Lake City, Oklahoma City, and Washington, DC.

To learn more, visit a la mode.

The Rooster crows!

What people are saying about Daylight Websites:

"You single-handed raised the bar for us!" - Alastair Gracie, Adstrategies Inc

"Whew! It looks awesome - let's launch
this damn thing! ;-)"
- Keri Piatek Crafts, Place Creative

"You and Tim were always so easy to work with and being comfortable with both of you made it so much easier for me to ask the "stupid" questions without being intimidated by your superior technological know-how...." - Vicki Wilson, Hoisington Realty

"Damn you guys are good. I don’t know what Bud will think – and it’s really none of my business. But from an integration standpoint, this is just nuts. Well done, sir."
- Dustin Moore

"Awesome!" - Bud

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